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Serving Our Customers Since 2019

Since 2019 TODAYUPAY.LLC has been helping our customers gain access to the revolutionizing way, of watching  TV. No more do we have to wait to watch our favorite show, or TV series. We can now watch our favorite Channels  anywhere in the world on our Android  device. We first introduced the TUPY TV STICK to our customers and they love it, but they still Had to wait to get to a TV to plug in and watch. Now with the New App available on the Google Play Store, we have made Watching your TV even more  accessible. We are currently waiting on the New app for our Apple customers, but for now they will have to use the TV Stick,

We as a company are dedicated to making your TV entertainment not only accessible but also Affordable.

Currently we are the most affordable  on the Market. There is no monthly subscription, and our 3 month service package is under $10 a month. Give us a Chance to prove our worth, If you have an Android device Click Here all my other customers Click Here.